Four Stroke Solutions LLC Roll-Over Valve kit (ROV) features


Starting with the 2012-13 season Four Stroke Solutions LLC is now using genuine OEM Arctic Cat tether switches. OEM Arctic Cat tether switches are a higher quality switch. For example OEM Arctic Cat tether switches have an inner rubber seal to keep snow out of the switch which greatly reduces the chances of corrosion forming inside the switch. Additionally the OEM Arctic Cat switch features a brass plunger rod as opposed to a cheaper plastic plunger.

It uses a high flow, normally open shut-off valve.

The valve is resistant to fuel/oil and uses a weather-pack connector to help seal out moisture. This greatly reduces the chance of corrosion at the connector. The normally open design also adds the additional safety feature of the valve remaining open in the event of a system power failure. The valve is spring loaded to open or vent. The Jacobson roll-over oil valve system is designed to default to the "open valve" or "normal venting position", for safe engine operation.


A red flashing LED indicator light.

Alerts the rider when power is being supplied to the valve. A flashing LED indicates that the shut-off valve is closed. The flashing LED functions both as a warning light and as a reminder light letting the rider know that the Roll-Over Valve is still switched "on".

The factory handle bar mounted kill switch remains fully functional after Roll-Over Valve kit installation.  If the factory kill switch gets depressed during a roll-over event, the Four Stroke Solutions LLC Roll-Over Valve will still remain fully operational

The pre-assembled wiring harness has plug and play OEM connectors.

The Roll-Over Valve wiring harness plugs directly into the factory handle bar kill switch connector (Yamaha) or ignition switch (Arctic Cat). No need to cut or modify the snowmobile's stock wiring harness.

Limited 1 year warranty, on the Four Stroke Solutions LLC Roll-Over Valve kit components.

Premium Roll Over Valve kits 

Premium ROV kits also feature our Electronic Roll Over Valve Control Module or ROVCM. The ROVCM increases the shut off valve performance and improves shut off valve life by using a variable voltage (pulse width) output.

Features of the ROVCM include,

A) "High output valve closing mode"                                                           

During initial valve closing, the pulse width output is increased, which increases the shut-off valve closing power by approx 170%. The increased closing strength provides a quicker response time in extreme cold and mountain riding conditions.

B)"Valve closed mode"                                                                     

During valve closed mode, the pulse width voltage output is reduced. Reducing the pulse width output lowers the solenoid coil operating temperatures and significantly increases the service life of the valve!


C) "Battery voltage monitoring mode"                                                       

A micro-controller inside the ROVCM, monitors the snowmobile battery voltage while the Roll-Over Valve is on. If the snowmobile battery voltage drops to low, the ROVCM will go in to auto-shut down mode to help prevent discharging/damaging the battery due to leaving the Roll-Over Valve on for too long by mistake.

D) Reduced shut-off valve cleaning/maintenance intervals.

The stronger closing power that the ROVCM provides, allows the shut-off valve to be more resistant to oil sludge build up.

E) The ROVCM has a plug and play connector, this allows standard Roll-Over Valve kits to be upgrade-able to a premium version.                                                                                                                                      

F) Ideal for mountain riding conditions when frequent use of the Roll-Over Valve is expected!

G) The ROVCM improves shut off valve closing performance in very cold temperatures, due to the increased closing voltage.


Upgrading Standard ROV kits to a Premium ROV kit.

If you already own a 2011-2012 and latter standard Four Stroke Solutions LLC ROV Kit and would like to upgrade to full electronic (ROVCM) control. Simply purchase the ROVCM separately, install the ROVCM module and plug the connector in to your existing Four Stroke Solutions LLC standard roll-over valve wiring harness!


For more details about the ROVCM check out the "high performance ROVCM" page!  at

Yamaha Viper/Arctic Cat XF/M/7000 and Nytro/Phazer (manufactured in 2017 and latter) Premium Roll-Over Valve Kits with Quick Prime.

Quick-prime is a new feature and allows the rider to re-prime the oil pump quickly by simply pressing and holding the Quick-prime switch down for just a few seconds! The Quick Prime mode uses special programming in the ROVCM to safely pressurize the oil tank to quickly re-prime the oil pump.

Engine oil pump re-priming mode:

The Quick Prime system is a fast, convenient way to re-prime the oil pump by simply pressing and holding a button!

If a four stroke snowmobile is laying of its side with engine still running, the oil pump can start to draw air due to the suction port in the oil tank being exposed to air. When this happens the low oil pressure switch may shut down the engine to help protect the engine. During this time the engine oil pump may have also lost its prime.                                                                                                                      

When the rider gets the snowmobile back upright, he or she may find that the engine may not re-start or starts and shuts down within a few seconds due to no oil pressure.



Using the Quick-prime switch. 

To use the Quick-prime switch simply press and hold the Quick-prime switch down while starting the engine. Once the oil pressure light goes out on the gauge, release the Quick-prime switch. It's that simple, quick and easy to use!                                                                                                                     

You can also press the Quick-prime switch after the engine has started and notice that the oil pressure light is on. In this case it's best to push and hold the Quick-prime switch right away, so that the pump has time to re-prime before the low oil pressure switch shuts the engine down. When using the Quick Prime switch, normally the oil pump will re-prime within about 2 to 3 seconds.

Because the Quick Prime system uses air pressure to operate which is controlled by the ROVCM, the snowmobile does not necessarily have to be on level ground to function! The snowmobile only needs to be some what "rubber side down". This can be a real asset for mountain riders who may be stuck on the side of a hill or other mountain riding conditions and it is desirable to re-prime the oil pump as quickly as possible!

To re-prime the oil pump without a ROV with the Quick Prime feature, requires removing the right side panel. Then removing the oil tank breather tube from the air box assembly and then manually plugging the breather tube while cranking the engine over. What this does is pressurize the oil tank, which in turn forces oil to the oil pump to re-prime it.



Four Stroke Solutions LLC makes Roll Over Valve kits for the following snowmobiles.


SR Viper, MTX, FX Nytro, FX Phazer, Apex

Arctic Cat

M1100T/M9000, XF/M7000

US Patent(s) 8,225,766, 8,528,516 and 9,303,537

Nytro/Phazer Standard Roll Over Valve kit features,

Circled in Yellow, OEM Cat tether switch.
Circled in Blue, Sealed switching relay assembly.
Circled in Red, Red flashing indicator LED light.
Circled in pink, 3 amp fuse.
Circled in Orange, Normally open shut off valve.
Circled in Green, Plug/play connectors.
Nytro/Phazer Premium Roll Over Valve kit with Quick Prime features,

Circled in White, Normally open shut off valve.
Circled in Green, High performance ROVCM (Roll Over Valve Control Module).
Circled in Blue, OEM Cat tether switch.
Circled in Pink, Sealed switching relay assembly.
Circled in Red, Quick Prime activation switch.
Circled in Orange, Plug/play connectors.
Circled in Magenta, Red flashing indicator LED light.
Viper, XF/M7000 Premium Roll Over Valve kit with Quick Prime features,
Circled in Blue, OEM Cat tether switch.
Circled in Pink, Sealed switching relay assembly.
Circled in Red, Quick Prime activation switch.
Circled in Green, High performance ROVCM.
Circled in Magenta, Red flashing indicator LED light.
Circled in Orange, Plug/play connectors.
Circled in White, Normally open shut off valve.
Circled in Dark Green, Hood release quick connector.
Arctic Cat M1100T/M9000 (Twin cylinder) Standard Roll Over Valve kit.

Arctic Cat M1100T/M9000 (Twin cylinder) Premium Roll Over Valve kit.

Yamaha Apex Standard Roll Over Valve kit
The Apex breather system differs from the Nytro and Phazer. On Nytro and Phazer models, the oil tank breather hose is routed  from the oil tank directly to the air box. On an Apex, the hoses to and from the oil tank are the oil supply and return lines to/from the oil pump. System venting is done through a breather hose that connects to the left front of the engine crankcase. This breather hose is then routed to the air box (on stock sleds) or in some cases down towards the belly pan (on boosted sleds).

The pictures in the photo gallery of a supercharged Apex show the roll-over valve installed in the crankcase vent line. Normally this hose would be routed to the air box, but because the supercharged  Apex doesn't have an air box, the vent hose is routed up along the right side of the engine. The hose then terminates up under the hood to help keep snow/water away from the brass filter at the end of the vent hose.

The vent hose is 3/4" diameter, and uses the same 3/4" re-sized valve used in our Supercharged Phazer kit.

The roll-over oil valve kit wiring connections for the Apex, are the same as the Nytro and Phazer models! Currently the Four Stroke Solutions Roll-Over Valve Kit will fit most turbo/supercharged Apex snowmobiles, as well as the non-boosted Apex that no longer uses the stock air box (has "pod" air filters)

For Stock Apex's using the stock air box, some modifications are required. Please e-mail us at [email protected] for details.

Yamaha Apex Premium Roll Over Valve kit